What's involved in a Phillip Island Ride Day?

A Phillip Island Ride Day consists of 6 x 20 minute allocated riding sessions where you can spend quality time with your motorcycle in a controlled and supervised setting, which also happens to be one of the most thrilling pieces of asphalt in the world! Riding groups are graded, meaning that you spend your time on track with riders of a similar skill/experience level. We also offer a First-timers Program which gives new track riders some extra support and initiation into what is likely to become their newfound addiction!

Licence requirements

Do I need a motorcycle licence to participate?

Yes. You will need to present a current and valid motorcycle licence (issued by the road transport authority in your state/country) upon arrival at the circuit gate. Suspended/cancelled licences, Recreational Licences and Learner’s Permits are not sufficient. Some Competition Licences may be accepted; please contact our office for more information.

Reschedules and refunds

Can I cancel my booking and get a refund?

Provided it is more than 7 days out from your booked event you can cancel your booking and obtain a refund, less a processing fee of $25. If it is less than 7 days to your booked event no refunds will be given. You can, however, sell your position to another rider and notify us of the rider change.

Can I transfer my booking to another date?

Provided it is more than 7 days out from your booked event you can transfer your booking to another date, for a processing fee of $25. If it is less than 7 days to your booked event you cannot reschedule your booking. You can, however, sell your position to another rider and notify us of the rider change.


Does the event still go ahead if it rains?

Yes. Rain does not stop an event from running.

I'm riding on slicks, what happens if it rains?

If the circuit is deemed a ‘wet track’ riders on slicks will not be allowed out. You will either need to change to treaded tyres or wait until the circuit is deemed dry again.


How do I get a garage for the day?

Garages will already be open upon your arrival at the circuit. Unless signed as being reserved, you may pit in any garage which is open. A Phillip Island Ride Days staff member will come to collect payment for the garage ($15 per bike) on the day.

Garages can be pre-booked and reserved prior to the event when you book your Phillip Island Ride Day. This is in the "Options" area of the booking form. You can select the whole garage at $70 per garage or $12 per spot in a garage. Alternatively you can phone 1300 793 423 to add this to an existing booking.

Gear requirements

Can I hire riding gear?

Absolutely. MEGA Workshop can look after all your bike and gear requirements. Please visit Bike and Gear Hire for more information.

Is Kevlar jeans/textile clothing sufficient to participate?

No, full leathers are the minimum mandatory requirement. If you don't have full leathers don't worry, you can hire them for the day. Please see Bike and Gear Hire for more information.

What are the minimum gear requirements?

The minimum gear requirements are:

  • Full leathers (two-piece leathers must zip securely together) – no textile clothing;
  • Leather motorcycle boots (must overlap pants);
  • Leather motorcycle gloves (must overlap sleeves);
  • Full-face helmet which meets current Australian Standards.

For a full description of gear requirements please see Riding Gear. If you don't have the appropriate gear don't worry, you can hire gear for the day. Please see Bike and Gear Hire for more information.

What happens if I book the wrong size hire leathers?

MEGA Workshop stocks multiples of each size, so whilst it is best if you can book the correct size, if you happen to get it wrong there will be other sizes available for you to try on.

Motorcycle requirements

Can I bring and ride more than one motorcycle?

You sure can. Just remember each bike will need to be scrutineered and garages fees are charged per bike.

Can I get tyres fitted at the track / can I buy tyres at the track?

Absolutely. MEGA performance centre offers a full tyre service at every Phillip Island Ride Day. Please see Tyre Service for more information.

Can I share a bike with a friend?

Sure thing! You will still need to book two positions, one for each rider, but you are welcome to share a motorcycle.

Do I need to remove or tape my mirrors?

Yes, you will be required to at least tape your mirrors; you can remove them if you choose. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do the taping yourself, we’ll do that for you at scrutineering. Please see the Motorcycle section of this website for a full list of bike requirements.

I don't have a motorcycle, can I still participate?

You betcha! Thanks to MEGA Workshop even those who are currently without wheels can enjoy a Phillip Island Ride Day. Please see Bike and Gear Hire for more information.

I don't have a sports bike, can I still participate?

Of course! Phillip Island Ride Days are designed to be enjoyed by motorcycle enthusiasts, whether your passion lies in sports bikes, sports-tourers, pure tourers, cruisers, motards, historic bikes… whatever! Our sole purpose is to give you, the riding enthusiast, access to one of the greatest circuits in the world to explore the potential of your bike - whatever it may be.

My tyres are worn out in the middle but not on the sides, is this adequate?

No, tyres are required to meet the minimum tread depth (2mm above the wear indicator) both in the centre and on the sides.


Can I get fuel at the track?

No, however, there are fuel stations approximately ten minutes from the circuit towards the town centre of Cowes. If you are riding to the track it is recommended you fuel up just prior to arriving at the circuit so you can begin the day on a full tank. You will have time during the day to refuel if necessary.

How much fuel will I need?

The amount of fuel you’ll use is entirely dependent on the way you ride. You should arrive with a full tank and if possible bring a jerry can of extra fuel just to be on the safe side. Otherwise you will have time to refuel at a service station during the day if necessary.

Lap timing/filming

Can I lap time/film at Phillip Island Ride Days?

No, lap timing and filming is strictly prohibited. Recording devices should be removed from your bike prior to arrival at the track.

Event schedule

Is there a break for lunch?

No, the day does not stop for lunch however there is ample time between sessions for a lunch break.

What time do I have to be at the track?

It is recommended you arrive at or near 7.30am at Gate 7 .This should give you time to sign on at Registrations and have your bike scrutineered before the compulsory Safety Briefing at 8.40am.

Riding groups

How do I know which group to book into?

You should choose your riding group according to your level of riding and/or track experience. Detailed guidelines for group selection can be found in the Graded Groups section of this website. (Please note: under no circumstances should you select a riding group simply because it is the only group available. Booking into a group which is inappropriate for your riding ability can be dangerous and is considered a serious breach of Phillip Island Ride Days policies.)

If I find I am too fast/slow for the group I have booked into, can I change on the day?

You can request the Registration staff for a group swap throughout the day, however, this is subject to availability in the desired group. (Please be aware it is considered a serious breach of Phillip Island Ride Day policies for a participant to deliberately book into a group which is not suitable for his/her riding ability.)


Is there somewhere close to the track where I can stay?

We recommend The Waves which is located in Cowes, approximately ten minutes from the circuit. For more information, including contact details, visit Accommodation.