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First-timers Program

The First-timers Program is in place to assist and encourage motorcyclists who have not been to the race track before, or to assist experienced riders who may feel a little nervous about being on one of the fastest circuits in the world!

The program starts with an additional safety briefing where we cover some of the rules and etiquettes which experienced riders are expected to know and which are not covered in the general Safety Briefing. The program then provides an option for riders to undertake their first lap in single file following a coach from the California Superbike School. This provides them with a controlled first look at the track surface, conditions and layout.

For the remainder of the day, time and weather permitting, the coach will also be available to answer any questions riders may have regarding the ride day or Superbike School courses.

The First-timers Program is run free of charge at every Phillip Island Ride Day (except in the event of a PIRD/CSS schedule clash). To get involved simply stick around after the general Safety Briefing in the morning.