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Track Schedule

All riders are requested to arrive at the circuit at or near 7.00am, to allow enough time for processing through Registrations and Scrutineering prior to the compulsory Safety Briefing.

Each group is allocated 6 x 20 minute riding sessions, a typical schedule of which can be found below. Of course this schedule can be impacted by stoppages due to on-track incidents, so be sure to keep an ear out for PA announcements and / or check with registrations staff.

Although we do not stop for lunch, there will be plenty of time between sessions for you to eat and drink as needed. Take away food is available from the circuit kiosk, which is generally open from around 8am to 3pm.

8.40am Compulsory Safety Briefing
9.00am B1 - Medium-fast (Green) Session 1
9.20am A - Fast (Red) Session 1
9.40am C - Slow (White) Session 1
10.00am B - Medium-slow (Yellow) Session 1
10.20am B1 - Medium-fast (Green) Session 2
10.40am A - Fast (Red) Session 2
11.00am C - Slow (White) Session 2
11.20am B - Medium-slow (Yellow) Session 2
11.40am B1 - Medium-fast (Green) Session 3
12.00am A - Fast (Red) Session 3
12.20am C - Slow (White) Session 3
12.40am B - Medium-slow (Yellow) Session 3
1.00pm B1 - Medium-fast (Green) Session 4
1.20pm A - Fast (Red) Session 4
1.40pm C - Slow (White) Session 4
2.00pm B - Medium-slow (Yellow) Session 4
2.20pm B1 - Medium-fast (Green) Session 5
2.40pm A - Fast (Red) Session 5
3.00pm C - Slow (White) Session 5
3.20pm B - Medium-slow (Yellow) Session 5
3.40pm B1 - Medium-fast (Green) Session 6
4.00pm A - Fast (Red) Session 6
4.20pm C - Slow (White) Session 6
4.40pm B - Medium-slow (Yellow) Session 6
5.00pm Finish - track closed