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Riding Gear

Whether it’s your gear or ours all riding apparel must be deemed safe before you are granted access to the circuit. The minimum gear requirements are as follows:

If you have any questions regarding your riding gear’s suitability for Phillip Island Ride Days, please contact us on 0466 711 359 or email

  • Leather jacket and leather pants which zip securely together (no textile clothing permitted);
  • Leather motorcycle boots (boots must come up to at least mid calf height, have hard reinforced ankle support and overlap pants or pants must overlap boots, so as no skin or other clothing can be seen);
  • Leather motorcycle gloves – gloves with carbon fibre or Kevlar knuckling and/or palms are strongly recommended (gloves must overlap jacket sleeves i.e. no wrist length gloves);
  • Full-face helmet minimum of Australian AS1698 standards, visor must be correctly secured;
  • Back protectors are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

We do NOT allow titanium or "sparky" knee sliders on the track