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Licence, Protocol and Policies

Now that you know what the track and a ride day is all about, the next few pages will tell you what you need to get in on the action!

To participate in Phillip Island Ride Days you will need to hold a minimum Provisional Motorcycle Licence issued by the road transport authority in your state/country. Your licence must be current and valid for your type of motorcycle. (Please note: Recreational Permits or Learner’s Permits are not accepted at Phillip Island Circuit. Some Competition Licences may be accepted; please contact our office for more information.)

Phillip Island Ride Days are designed to be enjoyed by all, from the freshly licensed P-plater to the regular track day punter who’s been riding his whole life. With such a wide variety of skills and experience present on track at any one time, all riders are expected to adhere to some basic behavioural rules. These will be covered fully in the compulsory Safety Briefing on the morning of the event, but here are some important highlights:

Overtaking – Overtaking may be done both on the inside or outside of another rider, provided a minimum clearance of 6-8 feet (2-3 metres) is given at all times. Close passing is monitored stringently by flag marshals and will not be tolerated.

Flags – Flags are the only means of communication staff have with you whilst you are on track. Please pay close attention when you are briefed on flags in the morning, and whilst on track be sure to follow all flag instructions.

Stunting – Don’t do it.

View the full Phillip Island Ride Days Safety Briefing.

At any Phillip Island Ride Day there may be up to 160 participants (4 groups of 40 riders) all eager to get out on track and enjoy the best circuit Australia has to offer. As you can imagine the logistics involved in running an event of this magnitude are phenomenal… Cosmic forces beyond our understanding must come together to align the planets at just the right moment in the lunar calendar and… well, maybe not. But it is pretty hard work, and to keep these days running as efficiently and effectively as possible we have in place a few important policies that we recommend you take a look at. (Please note: some policies also appear in other relevant sections of the website.)