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What's a ride day?

Ride days were created purely for you to enjoy the limits of your motorcycle in the safest possible environment, and many circuits around the country and the world offer these sorts of events. It is widely known that it’s impossible to ride a current model motorcycle to anywhere near its potential among the constant hazards that exist on public roads. In the controlled environment of a racetrack, however, you can explore your motorcycle’s capabilities not only with less hazards, but with considerably higher potential of retaining your licence! The truth is that once you've experienced the track, you'll never want to ride on the road again...

Of course standards of service and racetrack quality differ and ride day experiences may range from the truly exceptional to the exceptionally poor. At Phillip Island Ride Days we offer the largest number of staff and the highest level of service of any ride day in Australia, so all you need to do is enjoy what is arguably the best motorcycle racetrack on the planet!

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