What Happens on the Day?

Bike & Gear Hire

Hire Bikes...

Want to ride the Island on a truly inspiring motorcycle? Then hire one of our BMW S 1000 RR Hire Bikes!

Yep, that's right...for just $495 extra, you can ride one of these outstanding machines. Each bike is fully ractrack prepared with fiberglass fairings, crash protection and running Dunlop Sportsmart tyres. Not only that, we'll look after you and the bike for the entire day by making sure the bike is in the best possible condition each and every time you get on it. So all you need to do is turn up and ride!

Please Note: You must have a full unrestricted motorcycle licence to hire our bikes. International licences are accepted, but must either be in English or a verified translation supplied showing that your licence is valid and unrestricted.

Also Note: As the Hire Bikes are shared between different riders in different groups, Tyre Warmers and / or fitting different tyres to these bikes is not possible.

Hire Gear...

Don't have full leathers? Or maybe you just want to try the latest and greatest in motorcycle riding gear? No problem, for an extra $95 we'll kit you out in the latest Alpinestars leathers, boots & gloves...and a full-face helmet.

So having no bike or no gear is no reason to miss out!

For more info on bike and gear hire speak to the friendly crew in the office on 0490 281 840, or, if you're already convinced, simply add this option to your online booking.

Please Note: Do NOT book garage spot with BMW Bike Hire, garage area is supplied.


Please Read:

1. Repairs are charged per accident to a maximum total of $5,000.
2. Price for bike hire includes fuel and regular tyre wear, however, an additional tyre levee may be imposed if tyre wear is considered excessive.
3. A $1,000 maximum applies for repairing or replacing damaged Hire Gear items.
4. Your credit card and licence will be held throughout the day and returned once the hire has completed and the equipment is returned undamaged. Should you not have a credit card, cash holdings for the above amounts will be accepted.
5. You must provide a current unrestricted motorcycle licence on the day of your bike hiring.
You must give staff 7 or more days notice before your event if you need to cancel your bike hire.!!!