What Happens on the Day?

Circuit Entry Procedure

Circuit entry is via Visitors Centre Drive, through Gate #1. Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, all participants are to stop on the side of the road and remain in your car or on your motorcycle. One of our staff will check that you have the appropriate forms and assist you with completing them prior to entering gate #7,

When directed by our staff, you will drive (or ride) to gate #7, give the security guard your completed “PIRD Participant Indemnity” and show them your license for proof of identity. They will then hand you a wristband and watch you fit the wristband to your left wrist before allowing you entry to the venue.

At this point you will need to show proof of vaccination or a completed Medical Exemption Certificate, and will need to check in via QR code.

You cannot enter the circuit without completing this paperwork or providing proof of vaccination.

Remain in your car or on your motorcycle through this entire process.

PIRD staff will be on hand from 6.30am and the gates open at 7.00am.

If you have booked a garage or would like to know which garages are available for hire, the PIRD staff that are there to greet you will have that information.

Our staff are there to make your day easier and more enjoyable, so please feel free to ask them any questions you may have then, or indeed throughout the day.

NOTE – Depending on what time you arrive at the track, it could take up to 40 minutes to complete this process, so please arrive as early as possible. This is a Phillip Island Circuit requirement and is mandatory for every attendee of Phillip Island Ride Days.

NOTE – if you arrive after 9am, our staff will no longer be directing traffic at circuit entry. After this time you will need to park your car and walk to the Gate #7 security office to hand in your completed form, show proof of vaccination, scan the QR code, and get your wristband.

An additional registration process is required once you've entered the circuit, which is when your group will be allocated. This generally happens in Garage #16, but please keep an ear out for any announcements on the day, or ask one of our friendly team for any further assistance.