What Do I Get?

Controlled Environment

Closed-circuit setting

The track offers a hazard-free environment where riders can spend quality time with their motorcycles. No cars, cops, kids or intersections. Everyone is going in the same direction, there are no white lines; riders can use the whole road surface. Racetracks are also designed to a specific safety standard. The outside of each turn has ‘run-off’: a vacant area which allows riders to run off the track if necessary.

The track is like a laboratory: it's clean, controlled and supervised. At the track there is only one access point where riders can enter the circuit. Presiding over this gateway to asphalt nirvana is one sturdy-minded Course Controller who is in constant communication with the flag marshals located around the track. No riders or vehicles of any kind can enter the circuit without the Course Controller’s express knowledge and permission

Rider safety is paramount and participants are monitored from the time they leave pit lane until the time they re-enter some 20 minutes later. As part of this monitored environment riders can be given various flag signals from track marshals. The flags used are briefly described below:

Yellow flag – Cautionary flag. Either used in a stationary or waved capacity to indicate the rider should exercise caution in the next section of the circuit as there may be something or someone on the track. There is no passing under a yellow flag.

Red flag – Indicates the session has been ended, possibly due to a dangerous situation on track. There is no passing under a yellow flag. Leave the circuit at the nearest exit (paddock entrance located at Turn 4, or pit entrance located after Turn 11).

Black Flag – Indicates there is an issue with your bike and/or riding:
*Half rolled up - displayed - pointed*
Rider must exit circuit at the first opportunity and go directly to course control.

Chequered flag – Used at Turn 7 to indicate the session is complete. Leave the circuit at pit entrance (after Turn 11).

Please see the Safety Briefing for a full description of flags used at Phillip Island Ride Days.

Get familiar with the circuit - download the Phillip Island track map!