What Do I Get?

Graded Groups

While there are no speed limits as such, Phillip Island Ride Days runs graded groups in an attempt to have riders of a similar ability and/or speed share the track. At registration you will be give a tracking sticker to affix to either you or your motorcycle. This allows us to monitor your progress throughout the day and to move you into a more suitable group should that be necessary.

There is a maximum of 40 riders per group and grouping guidelines are as follows:

C – Slow Group (white)
First time track riders and/or
Slow-speed track riders and/or
Slow-medium speed road riders

B – Medium Group (yellow)
Riders who have participated in several ride days at another track and/or
Riders who have some formal advanced rider training and/or
Medium-fast speed road riders

B1 – Medium/Fast Group (green)
Riders who have participated in several PIRD and are at the faster end of Medium Group and/or
Riders who have participated in several ride days at another track and/or
Riders who have a high level of formal advanced rider training

A – Fast Group (red)
Very experienced and fast track riders (PI or other) and/or racers


1. Although we encourage riders to book into a group which is appropriate for their riding ability, your group may be changed prior to or throughout the day, depending on the relative pace of the other riders in attendance. This is done in order to place you into a group which is most suitable for your riding ability, maximising your personal safety and the safety of others.
2. Group speeds may still vary considerably on any given day – please consult with the Phillip Island Ride Day Manager or registration staff if you feel uncomfortable riding in your selected group and we will endeavour to re-position you.
3. Each rider will monitored throughout the day and their riding group may be changed if required.

Additional notes for racers...

1. Although Phillip Island Ride Days are not intended to be a substitute race practice day, racers are welcome;
2. The same rules and regulations apply to every rider and every rider is expected to behave accordingly;
3. Those racers seeking clarification regarding these rules and regulations should call our office on 0490 281 840 prior to booking; Alternatively you can attend a race practice day run by Phillip Island Circuit.