Everyones got to ride the Island at least once in their lifetime, when's your turn?...

What happens on the day

When you arrive at the track you will need park your car in the queue and walk to the Gate 7 security office (located on Visitors Centre Drive) to sign the Phillip Island Circuit Indemnity Form.

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What do I need?

All riders must be present for the compulsory morning Safety Briefing. Any rider who does not attend will not be allowed on the track until another briefing can be arranged for you.

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Upcoming Ride Days

Ride the holy grail of race tracks

To enthusiasts from all corners of the earth, Phillip Island Circuit represents the Holy Grail of racetracks. International MotoGP superstars, World Superbike Riders, Australian racers, riders and track day junkies all consider the circuit one of – if not the – best they've ever ridden. It’s an amazing place where the only thing more impressive than the history is riding the track itself and this is precisely the opportunity Phillip Island Ride Days is here to provide you with. You don't need to be a racing guru, you don't need to have a desire to break lap records, you don't even need a racing bike – Phillip Island Ride Days are all about allowing you to experience the circuit at your own speed, on your own bike, in a safe and controlled environment.

Full safety briefing

World class circuit

1hr 45m drive from Melbourne

Bike & gear hire

Everybody's gotta ride The Island at least once in their lifetime...

When's your turn?